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Moneyreagh farmer wins European Angus herd competition

The Bluebell Bank herd of Hugh Dickson and family from Moneyreagh blossomed at this year's European Angus herd competition taking the top honour and best overall herd award.

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The European Angus Cattle Society was formed in 2003 with the aim of making cattle registration more affordable.

As a Society it is our aim to work towards further improving the eating and carcase quality of the cattle registered with us.

We register 100% Aberdeen Angus Cattle, but as well as that, we are in favour of allowing the controlled introduction of Limousin genetics to the Angus breed (As a rule Angus genetics must never drop below 50%.). As a result of this progressive thinking the European Angus Cattle Registration Company (EACR) was added to the United Kingdom list of recognised Organisations and Associations maintaining Bovine Herds in 2004, becoming the first Society to be recognised in Northern Ireland for 12 years.

We are a proactive organisation looking to increase our membership throughout Northern Ireland and in the UK.

Our motto is “Beef at its best”. That’s what we as a Society are striving towards. Let us help you meet that objective.